"Probably the best leather designers in the world" Michele Olley - Skin Two Magazine.

    Talana Gamah & Ieish

Corsetry....The ultimate in workmanship"   The London Life League.


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Direct from London, Talana Gamah & Ieish,  the creators of the finest & most exclusive fetish art & couture in the world, present their unique brand of artwork and fashions.

Talana Gamah and Ieish:

Talana Gamah & Ieish specialize in custom clothing, costumes, masks, accessories, millinery, props and weaponry for film, stage, TV, or your own fantasy world.  The design and workmanship are impeccable as you can see in the examples shown here.

Similar catsuit/overcorsets to those shown START at 1800 Pounds Sterling (3000 USD). Dresses similar in complexity to the Victorian start at the same.  Corsets, unless otherwise stated, start at 250 Pounds Sterling (425 USD).  Leather bras and masks start at 150 Pounds Sterling (255 USD). Individual commissions will be quoted on request.

Talana Gamah and Ieish request serious inquiries only. Their custom work is highly valued and cannot be produced for less than the amounts stated above. Please be prepared to commission a unique work of art at a commensurate cost. 

Need to see more?  

Portfolios can be loaned for serious inquiries with a letter on company stationery describing the project and its requirements. 

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Need a corsetry lecture?

Talana Gamah and Ieish are experts in all forms of corsetry, and can create a lecture to your needs. See our Corsetry page for more information.



There is also artwork available for stage dressing and for use on your WebSpace.

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